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A 5-Part series about the 5 generals who are suspected drug lord protectors

Image from Facebook Via CNN Philippines

Image from Facebook Via CNN Philippines

On his campaign on drugs, President Duterte has not been timid in his actions and has boldy declared his plans even infront of the camera. An example of this is when he named 5 PNP generals who are suspected protectors of drug lords in the country. One of these generals is General Joel Pagdilao.

A former city police office chief and now a regional office chief, Gen. Joel Pagdilao has gone a long way in his career as a policeman. He is a member of PMA’s batch 84, which, coindcidentally, his predecessor, Gen. Richard Albano also belongs to. After his graduation, he chose to be a member of the Philippine Constabulary, former name of the PNP. He then started to reap rewards and earned enough reputation to enable him to rise in the ranks of the police force.

He achieved being the Quezon City Police Department head since 2011 and then later on, promoted to one-star general just last year. He is also a brother of house of representatives member Samuel Pagdilao of the ACT-CIS, also a retired police general.

Gen. Pagdilao is not used to the lime light as to explain his reaction to the President’s expose against him and four other comrades.
For now, his only focus is to clear his name and prove he is a clean and straight policeman.

“Wala pong katotohanan sa sinasabing ako po ay protector ng mga drug lords.’ Pagdilao said in an interview. Pagdilao stressed that he has never aligned himself with the drug lords and received money from them. ‘Sa loob ng 32 years ng aking paninilbihan bilang alagad ng batas, ang order ko po sa mga kapulisan ay hulihin ang mga criminal, malaki man o maliit.”

A few days after, he, with Gen. Tinio and Gen. Diaz met with the new PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa. Pagdilao has stated that he is ready to subject himself with any investigation that will be carried out by the NAPOLCOM and the PNP internal affairs department, Ombudsman or any investigating body.

For now, he is readying himself to the process of investigation and is asking the media to leave his family out of this. He has children and other kin that might be bullied when out in the public. He has also stated that he supports President Digong’s war on drugs as he himself is against it.

As the new administration’s war on drugs and criminality, many are sure to take the fall. The only question that remains is that: will the big fish be ever caught? We all hope so. Drugs is a menace to the country and would like to see a change in the citizenry.


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