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President Rodrigo Duterte has cleared up that the Philippines would not cut political ties with the United States, but rather just seeking after a more inde-pendent outside arrangement by pushing more grounded relations with asian neighbor behemoth China.

Returning home Friday following a four-day state visit to China, President Duterte told correspondents that what he implied was that he was moving for a “partition of an outside strategy” yet not a separating of routes with customary partner, the US, which has a limitless number of Filipino transients.

“You know, you need to take my words with regards to what I have been stating from the start. It’s not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut the strategic relations. I can’t do that. Why? It’s to the best enthusiasm of my nation that we keep up that relationship,” Mr. Duterte said in Davao City.

He said it was difficult to cut conciliatory ties with the US, where numerous Filipinos live.

said it was impossible to cut diplomatic ties with the US, where many Filipinos live.

“Why? Because the Filipinos in the United States will kill me,” Mr. Duterte said. Speaking in Beijing on Thursday, Mr. Duterte announced his “separation” from the US, both militarily and economically, to pave for a new commercial alliance with China.

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