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Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

A Netizen named Bryan Aldrich Chua has been caught sharing a news article by GMA News that has a caption:

“If you want to be inconspicuous and look humble please don’t wear a 600K Rolex Daytona (shown in photo) to a press conference #watchspotting.”

This post, along with the screenshot image, has been shared many times by other netizens in Facebook.

Funny how this guy have actually spotted that photo picked by GMA for its news article.

The man in the picture who happens to be wearing a Rolex Daytona is PNP General Edgardo Tinio. Edgardo Tinio is the recent name that Duterte revealed three days ago to have been involved with illegal drugs. Duterte said that Tinio is one of the five generals who protect drug lords in the Philippines.

Tinio, however, denied Duterte’s allegations. Even saying that he was humiliated by what Duterte did to him. Tinio said that Duterte could have validated carefully first the names presented to him by his intelligence before blurting those names in public.

But in a photo shown by GMA News, Tinio happens to wear a very expensive watch. The photo was taken sometime when he was still operating as PNP Chief of Quezon City Police District.


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