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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte addressed the announcement of Leila De Lima as she will observe each and every activity that he will do.

In any case, now, the incoming president has an answer to the senator-elect, he asserts that the unlawful exchange of [email protected] began amid the term of De Lima.

Duterte said:

“Shabu started during her time. Siya ang magbantay sakin.

Ayy, De Lima tumahimik ka. I will investigate you. Then I will file charges against you!”

This simple demonstrates that nobody will escape with the wrongdoing that they have conferred now that Duterte will undoubtedly sit down in the Palace.

In January of 2014, De Lima also told Duterte to shut up after Duterte badly criticized her for not doing her job as a Justice Secretary.

About a week ago, De Lima also told the media in an interview that, Duterte has no ‘K’ to become president.


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