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In a one-one-one interview of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa with President Duterte, there is one part that Duterte tells Maria Ressa to read a lot of good books. This is after Ressa asks Duterte about the foreign policy in Asia and if the latter is afraid of anything and that if he is certain of what he have been doing about changing the geo-political landscape in Asia.


This is all uncharted territory. You are actually changing the geo political landscape in Asia, in all Asia. Are you afraid of anything? What makes you so certain?


Minamaliit lang kasi ako dahil they say I had a little experience in foreign policy, in foreign service. Talagang foreign service ako. Just look at my transcript. Look at the transcipto of my school. Geo politics, diplomacy. Dalawang kurso yan. Consular Practice and Procedure Diplomatic. Alam ko lahat pati yun. And Ressa I do not want to sound big for my own chair: you have to read a lot. There’s always the Economic Review, Time Magazine. You have to read many books now about Asia. Decentralization In Asia, I know you know that and the 100 Years Marathon of America.

The interview obviously shows that Maria Ressa is trying to intimidate the president by using vivid words in describing something, trying to be articulate as possible in delivering her question. Ressa even describes Duterte as a man of contradiction, implying that Duterte is not consistent in his statements now compared to those he made in the past. But here we can see that President Duterte maintains his poise. Here Duterte tries to condescend Ressa by saying that she has to read a lot of good books about Asia’s foreign policy.

A very good tactic by Duterte and a very good gesture to maintain his posture and not lose it by giving back the intimidation or be touchy or testy (pikon).

Here the president shows his professionalism and good standards in how to behave in an important interview such as this by, well, eminent journalist like Maria Ressa.

Watch the video below:


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