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Amid the public interview, Arcillas demonstrated a cellphone photograph of her and Fr. Albert Alejo, who, she stated, was the person who moved toward her to affirm against the President.

Asked what pulled in Arcillas to the Liberal Party, she said that at some point in December 2015, she looked for help from Duterte when he was still leader of Davao City, yet was not allowed offer assistance.

Arcillas said that it was Fr. Alejo who first searched her out in light of her crazy hostile to Duterte rages on Facebook and her being from Davao City with clear binds to nearby authorities, especially City Councilor Pilar Braga, whom she claims to be her close relative.

She said that De Lima and Trillanes concluded that she can be an observer on illegal drugs and extrajudicial killings. She included that the legislators got together with her in December 2016. She said that all their telephone discussions were recorded as proof against her should she pull out from the arrangement.

Arcillas said that she went to Manila between September to December 2016 to sign a testimony, which was changed 15 times. Nonetheless, she chose to pull out in the wake of perusing the last draft. At the point when reached through content, Fr. Alejo denied the charges, saying: “I have not watched Mina’s presscon in full.

Yet, it torments me to hear that she’s blaming me for paying off her to affirm against Pres. Duterte. She knows in her heart this is lie.

In any case, it’s difficult to content these unpredictable issues.” In a different phone discussion, Fr. Alejo stated, Arcillas was alluded to him by one Perry or Ferry Fajardo, whom he just knows as a man from the academe in Cebu.

He included that it was Arcillas who was requesting cash from them and not the a different way. Whenever reached, Councilor Braga conceded that she knows Arcillas as a relative, in spite of the fact that she stated, they are not related in blood.

{Source: Sun Star}


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