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In President Duterte’s speech at the 80th NBI Founding Anniversary at about two hours ago as of writing, he said that there is a Senator who is just plain stupid because this Senator (obviously Senator Trillanes) did not further his allegations against him that he had or has 211 Million laundered money in his bank accounts.

This is exactly what President Duterte said on that speech:

“You have to do more especially on digging records that would show laundered money. Id like to address myself to the central bank guys and the AMLA. Id like to warn you to avoid confrontation between us and central bank people. You know when I was a candidate, there was a guy. a Senator (obviously Trillanes), who is so stupid torpe talaga sya that I have 211 million mug deposits. And I was just curios if I had that money why did you not initiate an investigation or I really have none. So you cannot tell the public because you were …(unintelligible) somebody. Do as who is really into money laundering.”

Listen to the video below:

Senator Trillanes and Vice Presidential candidate in the May elections, accused then Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rodrigo Duterte that he had 211 Million in his bank accounts. However, this accusations did not further after a series of word exchanges between the Senator and the President. Senator Trillanes even dared Duterte to meet with Trillanes at the BPI, Vargas Branch, (Bank of the Philippine Islands) to challenge him, to prove that he was innocent.

However Duterte did not arrive at the said meeting place.


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