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The image above is a snapshot. Watch the video below.

The image above is a snapshot. Watch the video below.

A video published by President Duterte YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, has gone viral on the Internet. The video is a collection of clips obtained from different media networks, both from social media and the mainstream media.

Although it incorporates different video clips from different channels, it didn’t show any significant part from major media networks like CNN or BBC.

CNN, BBC, AL Jazeera and French TV have their own clips that the video publisher could have taken and included in this particular video.

Watch it anyway and you judge how it is presented:


About the author: John Fontane


A cyclist and classic car enthusiast, John Fontane loves the movies, rock music, visual arts and the World Wide Web. He is a contributor for Cebu and Davao blog.



  1. maribethcabanda

    more video’s. pls

  2. maribethcabanda

    ganyang ang aming mayor subok na namin yan.bata pako mayor nayan…at maganda ang nagawa nyan sa amin lungsod ng davao….

  3. Monara Hamiydah Maruhom

    Idol ko talaga yan kaya of all the cities I visited including famous ones outside the Philippines I felt safed in Davao City. You can roam in the city day and night unharmed by kidnappers, pickpockets and etc. By these my daughter is now in Davao taking up law at the famous Ateneo de Davao University

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