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In a press conference on Thursday, President-elect Duterte said he will give up his bad mouth when he takes oath in office on June 30, 2016.

Asked by one reporter about his reaction to criticisms that he is an unbecoming of a president, Duterte replied:

“I am not the president [yet]. Mamaya na, maghintay kayo. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my time as a rude person. I am not the president. If I die tomorrow, what are they talking about?” he said.
“But when I become a president, when I take my oath of office, if you want, I will conduct [myself] more in keeping with the dignity of the office, ibang istorya ‘yan. But I’m not [yet] the president.:

When the reporter said, “so on July 1, we will see a different Rodrigo Duterte sir,” Duterte replied: “It will be a metamorphosis.”

And then some people there, probably from the Duterte admin, joked in the background and said, “Sample daw Mayor. Sample daw. Duterte said in an English accent (but trying to make it sound funny):

“Ladies and gentlemen of the media who are here, you know, when I get to be president, I have to tone down on my cursing. That would be a past, it’s going to be history. I have to concentrate more on what happens to this country and to develop it and to make it progress along the way. And there’s a lot of things which I have to do to complete.”

And then Duterte continued to talk about the insurgency problems of the Communist Party of the Philippines, still in an English, elitist manner, and then said at the end, “…and when I come back, I would address you in a very polite manner. Do you have some questions for me?” Then there was laughter in the background.

The reporter made a follow up question: “Right now sir are you being serious or is this falling under preposterous?”

Duterte said:

“No. I’m telling you how I’m going to behave. I said there’s gonna be a metamorphosis in the mind. Suddenly from a caterpillar, it blossoms into a butterfly.”

More laughter from the background.

And then Duterte also laughed, turned the other way and said to the people who were laughing, “tumahimik kayo dyan.” And then he stood up to end the conference.

Duterte meant this to show that he approved of the laughter in the background. But Duterte seemed serious when he said he would behave when he takes his oath as President of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Duterte’s aide, Christopher Go, told the media last week that the mayor will no longer be nocturnal when he assumes the Presidency.

Recent reports said that there will be no press conferences in the meantime to avoid misunderstandings between the Duterte camp and the media.

In the recent press conference on Thursday, May 2, 2016, Duterte said that the press conferences of the Duterte administration will be aired on PTV 4, a government station. This is in the midst of recent reports that some media groups are calling for a Duterte boycott after the catcalling issue and journalist killings.

Watch the video below:

{Article edited by Ma. Stella Tumlos}


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