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Image from the Davao City Mayor's Office.

Image from the Davao City Mayor’s Office.

{DISCLAIMER: The following article is written by Manny Piñol}

Duterte’s orders


By Manny Piñol

After his first meeting with the designated members of his official family, people have been asking me what President-elect Rody Duterte’s orders were.

Well, I will not only tell you what his instructions to us were, I will relate to you what happened during the first meeting of the designated cabinet secretaries.

Shortly after President-elect Duterte arrived, the meeting started with a prayer led by Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza after which he asked those present in the meeting to listen to a song which he said would guide him and his Presidency.

It was actually the song of Freddie Aguilar which became popular during the campaign and which was about the dream of the people to be free from corruption, drugs and criminality.

Then, he delivered his message which he said should be remembered by all of those who work with him.

He asked us to lead simple lives and to avoid activities in our agencies which would cost government money.

So, henceforth, there will be no more Lakbay Aral, no unnecessary meetings and there will be no extravagance.

Here are some of his important instructions:

– All officials under him taking air planes must fly economy;
– Cabinet secretaries are discouraged from using the No. 6 car plate which is designated for cabinet officials.
– Except for the Justice Secretary who faces imminent danger from drug lords, other cabinet secretaries will have to use non-luxury vehicles like pick up.
-There will be no more junkets and “Lakbay Aral” for government officials and employees.

Following these guidelines, I have also instructed my staff to observe the following:
– There should be no lavish preparations when the secretary visits the regional offices or local government units.
– There should be no garlands or formal speaking engagements for the Secretary, only working meetings.
– There should be no expensive activities during the celebrations during the anniversary celebrations of the department.
– There will be no unnecessary trainings and seminars.

This is how the Duterte Presidency will run the country for the next six years.

It is a simple governance style but it will effectively address the core issues concerning the ordinary Filipino.

Change is coming.

(Photo downloaded from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.) — with Albert Biñas, Montesclaros Mechelle, Palz Tabigue and Anne Sarbam.


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  1. wilmer andrada

    The first executive order should be Freedom of Information to safeguard from corruption and shady deals and anomalies.Next would be blueprints of changes and timetables to make each departnment transparent, progressive, void of red tape and bureaucracy ,self interest and corruption.Crime and drug busting should start from the barangay level and big fish will be caught Russian KGB or Mosad style.There will be an expanded NBI operation starting from the local level and sting operations especially on local dynastic illegal activities. To solve the Traffic mess ,all private buses should all be converted to government mass transportation system and drivers under government payroll. Dedicated lanes and routes and long convoys of many buses will be on the grid , running like long trains. Cleaning and maintenance at the end of each route to make each bus fresh and clean.

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