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As I was reading Jun Ledesma’s piece in Sun Star on the Davao Death Squad titled ‘Etxra Judicial Killings and Extra Marital Affairs’ I have come to a realization that indeed Duterte is no way linked to the squad. Because Duterte is never the DDS and there never is such thing as the DDS, at least as far as my sane mind is concerned.

Here are two facts that can tell that the DDS is not Duterte according to the essay written by Jun Ledesma (that many Davaoeños would agree), published on August 25, 2016 in Sun Star Davao newspaper:

1. DDS was actually a ghost squad conceptualized by then INP Regional Commander Dionisio Tan-Gatue Jr. to counter the offensive of the dreaded NPA Sparrows.

2. INP Regional Commander Tan-Gatue Jr. used a very popular NPA propagandist, the late Juan “Jun” Pala who turned anti-communist radio commentator to spread the existence of this phantom which somehow reduced executions perpetrated by the Sparrows.

Read Jun Ledesma’s article here.

(Duterte just passed the bar and was a Tanodbayan investigator and later City Fiscal Assistant at that time)

In short, it was Jun Pala who popularized the ghost squad DDS and used its name to terrorize the Davaoeños with lethal effect. If there would be a DDS, their leader would be Jun Pala.


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