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In President Duterte’s recent speech at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao upon his arrival from Singapore, he got angry with America on the issue of the massacre of many Filipinos in the past when the Philippines was still under colony of the US.

The sudden change of mood triggered when the president brought up the issue on Crimea (a country used to be independent but now bringing back to the Russia Federation), which was a subject of conflict between the US and Russia, in which there has been a poll in the United Nations into whether or not the invasion of Crimea is a violation of human rights. This made Duterte mad at the US, saying the West is cooking something. He said further that the Philippines is not joining the US on this matter.

To make the US look bad, Duterte, once again, brought up the massacre of many moslems in the past by the Americans, which made him pound hard the podium. Then he said:

C’mon America you stayed in my country for 50 years. You made us a colony. You lived on the fat of the land. How dare you say we got the assistance and aid? We do not need it? Kayo! You who owe the whole Philippines an apology for all massacres especially the moro in Mindanao. Putangina kayo! Wag kayo. Wag kayo mag. Kayo yung may utang sa amin! You sat on my land for 50 years. You oppressed us for 50 years. Killed many Filipinos there In Samar. Because one colonel died, you massacred all the male above 10 (years old). They’re all killed. That is how civilize you are. Do not even go to us. Just ask your Indian neighbors there in the reservation. You hypocrites.

Watch the video and listen to his speech:


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