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Image from Rappler

Image from Rappler

President Rodrigo Duterte is not an aficionado of individuals acting all super amenable to him. Truth be told, he is frightened by every one of these honorifics in authority records that he peruses.

In a discourse at the Western Mindanao Command rec center in Zamboanga city on 21 July 2106, Duterte said that he was uncomfortable being tended to with extravagant titles of honor.

“Try not to be too additional obliging to me or conscious kasi naiilang ako. Anak lang rin ako ng transient dito sa Mindanao. Nung umalis kami ng Cebu,— well obviously my mom, pero ang tatay ko, mahirap lang kami. So I know how it is to be poor and to work all your life for the administration,” said Duterte.

One of his first demonstrations in office was to issue an update which would make it an approach to address him in every official correspondence, occasions, or materials as “PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE” just, and without the expression “His Excellency.”

Same with his Cabinet Secretaries who Duterte ought to quit being tended to as “Noteworthy” in every single authority correspondence submitted to his office.


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