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In a recent speech of President Duterte, he said something vulgar and explicit in pertinence to UN rapporteur who wants to investigate him about the alleged extra judicial killings.

He also recalled that before, he and together with the police were investigated by the office of the Ombudsman for alleged extra judicial killings when he was mayor of Davao City. There were no findings but the 27 police were fired for neglect of duty. Then Rapporteur Philip Alston also went to Davao still did not find any evidence and witness. So no findings.

Duterte also included Senator De Lima who was the then Secretary of Justice who investigated him also but found no proof and evidence.

Here’s what he said.

Tapos wala. Then De Lima human rights sya. Wala. Inulit naman nya. Secretary of Justice sya wala. Tapos ngayon itong ipa imbestiga ako ng rapperteur, umalis ka dyan sipain kita putangina huwag mo akong ganunin! Eh binababoy mo ako eh!

Watch the video below:


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