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Image from eiu.com

Image from eiu.com

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a research and analysis company from UK, has finished a report on what would a Duterte leadership will be on his six-year term. It covers three outlines in the economic sector. It also provides answers to questions: will his ‘iron fist’ approach slow down the progress of the country’s institutions? What Filipinos can expect for an economic development during his tenure.

Here is the summary of this report:

–The Philippines successfully conducted its 16th presidential and vice presidential elections on May 9th 2016. According to partial, unofficial results (at the time of writing just over 96% of thevotes were counted), the incumbent mayor of Davao city, Rodrigo Duterte, is certain to win the presidency, having secured more than twice as many votes as his closest rival.

–Mr Duterte was a divisive presidential candidate and does not have natural political allies within
the country’s Congress. However, his relatively strong popular support base provides him with substantial credibility. The transition to a new government will therefore be smooth and uncontested.

–The president-elect comes with a strong mandate to improve domestic security by cracking down on crime and drug trafficking. As mayor of Davao city, Mr Duterte boasts a successful track record in reducing crime, but his methods have been dubious and there are serious doubts about Mr. Duterte’s human rights record.

–The Economist Intelligence Unit offers three scenarios for economic growth under a Duterte presidency. Overall, we conclude that fears for the future under Mr Duterte are valid, but gross economic mismanagement is not a foregone conclusion. We believe that the new president is likely to be so focused on his internal law-and-order drive that he will leave the management of the economy to technocrats. His tough-man approach is still likely to retard the development of the country’s institutions, but this will not exert a significant drag on economic growth in the shortterm.

–Although economic growth is set to slow, the Philippines will still boast one of the highest rates of real GDP growth among its Southeast Asian neighbours.

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