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“Will you still be voting for De Lima?”

The war between President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Leila De Lima had another turn when Duterte asks the media if they will still be voting for De Lima.

The war between President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Leila de Lima has caught the attention of the Filipino people. And like any teleseryes, it has always been a battle between the antagonist and protagonist. Will the tough crime-busting President prevail? Or will the Senator who advocates human rights triumph?

Their word war started last 2015, and that’s even before Duterte announced his presidential candidacy. Duterte who was then Davao City Mayor was already engaged in a word war with the former Justice Secretary.

De Lima criticizes Duterte for his allegedly violent leadership style when it comes to dealing crime in Davao City. During that same period, Duterte had also been accusing De Lima of benefiting from the alleged drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

The Duterte vs De Lima war worsened and came to blows when Duterte accused De Lima of being an ‘immoral woman.’ Duterte alleges that “One day I will tell you that her driver himself, who was a lover, was the one collecting money for her during the campaign. An immoral woman, insofar as the driver’s wife is concerned, it’s adultery. Here’s a woman who funded a house of a lover and yet we don’t see any complaint about it.”

De Lima then responded in a heated statement saying that the President’s strategy for character assassination and McCatherism is all because she was on a mission to get answers to extrajudicial killing that has been happening since Duterte assumed the Presidential seat.

In a recent press conference, Duterte asks the media that given with the condemning evidence against her for illegal drug trade – “Will you still be voting for her?”. Doris Bigornia, a well-known reporter from one of the biggest television network ABS-CBN simply said “No”. With this being said, De Lima’s trust rating just plummeted into all-time low after Colangco points her as the protector of the drug lords in New Bilibid Prison.

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  1. I have great doubts even about the 14 million who “allegedly” voted for De5. ??? I dont see much defending her on social media. ???

    • because it was through the efforts of the late noy admin to ensure delimas victory by resorting to cheating and massive pcos manipulations, ghosts voter were created.

  2. Defending not defensing.

  3. I myself don’t know Delima in the First Place. So I didn’t vote for her.

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