CNN Philippines is now interviewing Senator Leila De Lima LIVE on TV as of writing. Issues asked are about President Duterte’s war on drugs and other important issues concerning the alleged EJK and the Senate.

It has been almost a week when the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights came up with the report through the Chairman Senator Dick Gordon. The report says that the government has nothing to do with the extra judicial killings that have been going on in the country. It also says that there is or was no such thing as DDS, or the Davao Death Squad.

This argued by Senator Trillanes IV in the Senate recently, saying Senator Gordon’s report is garbage.
That it covered up the idea that the mastermind of the alleged EJK is President Duterte.

Senator Gordon answered this that the state witness brought by Trillanes and De Lima in the committee Edgar Matobato is not a credible witness in the first place, arguing there is no basis or evidence, even witness, to link President Duterte to the alleged ‘extra judicial killings.

Senator Trillanes in going further of his efforts to demolish the administration of President Duterte, he said recently in an interview by ABS-CBN that President Duterte’s psychological health is questionable. Trillanes said: Duterte is psychologically imbalance, and that could be a ground for impeachment.

After all this, Senator De Lima now is saying that she feared for her life going against President Duterte.

This apparently says a thing that to their minds, DUTERTE is really a killer. And that the two senators want to influence the public by going trial by publicity, want the public to perceive that DUTERTE is really an evil man.

However, Duterte supporters said that this clearly a sign of desperation of the two senators in their efforts to destabilize the Duterte administration, after being failed in the Senate Hearing on the alleged EJK.

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