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A Letter to Senator Leila de Lima

Dear Senator Leila de Lima,

I am an ordinary Filipino citizen and my knowledge on politics only goes beyond voting for electoral candidates who can effectively run our country. I voted for you. I voted for you because I saw fair treatment to both rich and poor citizens of our cancer-infested country. I have been watching the ongoing drama of the Senate Hearing against your alleged involvement in illegal drug trade in New Bilibid Prison during your stint as the Justice Secretary.

I am a firm believer of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s opinion in defying Marcos as trial court judge in the 1985 case of People vs. Lino Brocka,et. al. The fiery former senator said, “Even under martial law, when the judge steps in, the President steps out.”

I think you also believed along this line when you set forth in defying President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drug and the extrajudicial killings when he assumed the Presidential seat. I have no right to judge you and I haven’t hear the other side of the story but it seems like you have mixed the meaning of consistency, honesty and the truth.

The truth shall set us free and I honestly wouldn’t care less if you sleep with whoever you want. But as the drama unfolds on every Senate hearing, I am slowly becoming convinced that I wasted my voted for you.

You repeatedly say that the Duterte administration is performing character assassination to you. But, I have yet to hear a single viable information to think of otherwise. Your state witnesses are sketchy at best and although to be fair, Colangco’s testimony against you seems to be scripted as well. I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt and with that, I urge you to stop wallowing on words spewed against you. Rather, convince the 14 million voters who voted for you that you are actually worth voting for.

During the senatorial campaign, your platform was one of the best I have seen. And now, I haven’t seen any improvement nor minute changes to say that you are going to deliver what you have promised to this country. I urge you, Senator de Lima to put your intelligence and education into good use.

Once impeached, your title and education are of no use behind bars. The government have presented incriminating evidence against you and I guess, it is high time for you to start bargaining plea. Come clean to the public and testify against higher ranking officials that put you into hot water. Stop the drama and the word war because you are wasting time playing political games against a dying game master.

Innocent until proven guilty, they say. If this is true, allow the investigation to come through and let the evidence speak of your innocence. I am an ordinary Filipino citizen who voted for you. Like the 14 million voters who voted for you, we want to make our votes count. Don’t waste our vote by proving the errors of others while you come clean when it comes to finding the error in your ways.


Diana Abne


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