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pictures of powerful people with gang leader

A very shocking news was published by JamesParmis.net through a video from Brod Pete Facebook fan page. A video shows a clip of a documentary combined with also a clip of Duterte’s press conference a few days ago.

The video is obtained from Discovery TV documentary ‘Inside The Gangsters’ Code’ where the Philippines’s New Bilibid Prison is the feature. The journalist in the documentary is an ex mafia street boss named Louis Ferrante.

In this video, Louis Ferrante interviews a kidnapper who is serving two life sentences in New Bilibid Prison. His name is Jaybee Sebastian, also a leader of the oldest gang Sigue Sigue Commando. Sebastian not only admits he is guilty of kidnapping but even brags that he also is a carnapper and a hijacker.

Ferrante says in the video that in the US, political leaders started their careers as lawyers, and then he asks himself: is it possible that Jaybee is entertaining a future Filipino President?

When Sebastian brags about the framed photos of him with powerful people in the Philippines, this is when Ferrante informs Sebastian that in America, if an attorney general sat down with a gang member, his job would be lost by the evening news.

In the photos he was with the director of the Bureau of Corrections, Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, and the President of the Philippines who looks to be President Noynoy Aquino.

Watch the videos below and find out more:


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