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De Lima admits to have met with Matobato prior to the 1st day of Senate hearing on EJK


A couple days prior, the last senate hearing on extrajudicial killings, witness Edgar Matobato was asserting that he was a part of the DDS or the Davao Death Squad of President Duterte. As per him, he was a part of the slaughtering which murdered more than 1000 men. After that hearing, news broke that Trillanes in reality had a meeting with Matobato even before the hearing to occurred. This charge was not denied by Trillanes, he even affirmed it in a radio meeting:

“Opo nakipag-usap si Senator De Lima kung paano ise-secure at pano dadalin sa senado. Along these lines, ginawan po naming ng paraan ‘yun para makarating siya.”

In the most recent hearing to prior today, Senator Dick Gordon was asking the senate who conveyed Matobato to the hearing to which Trillanes stood up and drew closer the platform. While in transit to the platform, you can see him trade sign signs De Lima. It can be a yes, go talk from De Lima, yet it can likewise be as innocuous as; yes simply ahead and approach the podium.

A few days before the hearing, Senator De Lima asked for my help to convey him to the Senate. Gordon then said that from his answer, clearly Senator De Lima requested that Trillanes bring the witness, so the witness has a place with Senator De Lima.

Senator De Lima obviously had her say:

“There is such a man. Apparently, that man wanted to surface already and tell the truth because he was tired of hiding. This witness is Edgar Matobato. The caller said that Matobato wanted to meet with De Lima. The emissary further informed me that this witness would want to meet with me to talk to him, so I did. I met with him last September 2.”

Watch the hearing on Sept 22, 2016 on NEXT PAGE courtesy of Rappler.


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  1. WTF! The witness was quizzed last time who brought him to the senate and he does not want to say because he is protecting him/her. So now, these two clowns de5 & 3llanes now admits they were the ones who coddle this liar. Putang Ina nyong dalawa, ginagago ninyo yung institusyon ninyo pati na ang taong bayan. Kandagagong sumagot iyang witness ninyo aayaw sa lawyer? Anong dahilan iyan. Obvious ka na de5, you were planning this all along with the connivance of the crooks behind you

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