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Leila de Lima is the former Justice Secretary who’s been in hot seat with the alleged illegal drug trade in New Bilibid Prison.

The fiery critic of the President Rodrigo Duterte has been ousted and was stripped of her post as chairwoman of the Senate Justice Committee, which recently had overwhelming testimonial evidence against her.

According to President Duterte, “De Lima will surely be facing jail time after the evidence against her was made by the state witnesses.”

Last Tuesday, Senator Leila de Lima spoke on the Senate saying that she was the victim of a “new McCarthyism” aimed at ending her inquiry into the president’s possible role in extrajudicial killings. “Many friends and colleagues have told me, if only I did not call out the president on the murderous consequences of his war on drugs, and decided to be as meek as a sheep, I would not be in this trouble,” she said.




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