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Challenge Accepted: De Lima Dares Aguirre to Freeze Her Alleged Bank Accounts

On Friday, Senator de Lima denied and slams owning bank account with fat paychecks which was allegedly linked to her involvement in the illegal drug trade in New Bilibid Prison. Now, De Lima accepted the challenge in proving her innocence and dares Aguirre to freeze her alleged bank accounts.

Last week, Colangco testified against De Lima and says that De Lima has been getting a monthly stipend of PHP 3 Million from the inmates as part of the deal that she will turn the blind eye against the ingoings in New Bilibid Prison’s illegal drug trade. “I have no millions or billions in my bank accounts. And I have no dummy accounts. Any alleged accounts that would be linked to me and my alleged drug links can only be fictitious,” De Lima said.

After undergoing so many pressures because of the issue, De Lima is now daring ustice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II to freeze her alleged banks accounts that would purportedly link her to illegal drugs. De Lima said in a jest, that if Aguirre cannot prove the allegations, then he must and he should remove his toupee or wig.

De Lima explains that she is already sick and tired of the issue, and responding in a jest might be the kind of medicine everyone needs. Moreover, De Lima also said that she could dare Aguirre because if the accounts are under the name of other people, he couldn’t freeze the account ithout the permission of the true owners or without a court order.

‘But that is my challenge to him, I would ask him to remove his toupee if he fails to do it,” the senator said. De Lima repeated and reiterated that bank accounts being linked to her were fake, noting the absence of adverse or negative findings of the Anti-Money Laundering Council. 



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