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Image from Rappler.com

Image from Rappler.com

Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte just needed to be “predictable with his standards on his sterness” and “be reasonable” to Vice President-choose Leni Robredo that’s why he will hold the inauguration separately from hers.

Christopher “Bong” Go, assistant to the president-elect and member of the inaugural board, offered this clarification late Wednesday (June 15) evening as respects to their camp’s choice to veer far from custom.

In an announcement, Go said the approaching president will take his vow of office in Malacañang in a “basic yet significant” inaugural festival on June 30, 2016. Just a set number of openings are given to his family, companions, and welcomed visitors from Congress, legal, and the political corps.

Such course of action was “proposed to bring about minimal disturbance in broad daylight,” Go included, which would be unjustifiable to the Vice President-choose as it would limit her from welcoming more visitors and supporters to her own inauguration.

Go said:

“We believe that Leni Robredo’s family and supporters who worked hard for her deserve also to be present to celebrate her victory. And this can only be possible through a separate inauguration.”



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  1. mylatorres

    well said, Mr. Go…please take care of our beloved President. Thank you!

  2. Now that Duterte won the presidential election and soon to be become the sitting President of the Republic of the Philippines, I am hoping and praying that he will act more Presidentiable in a manner of a distinguish person to be respected and honor to be among the leaders of nations. Good Luck my President.

  3. josebh jones

    Carry On Sir President. You have your prerogatives.

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