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{Content updated for additional content, 4:10 PM, April 10, 2017}

The Mayor of Davao City Indy Sara Duterte arrived at the departure area of Francisco Bangoy International Airport during her father’s (President Rodrigo Duterte’s) speech some minutes ago as of writing this post.

Her father, while speaking to the media and local officials, was interrupted by her arrival, saying, ‘Mayor, magandang hapon po. Dumating rin (Mayor, good afternoon. FInally she arrives.).’ Then the mayor smiled at the crowd that changed the ambiance of the whole room. A kind of smile that shines all day long.

Afterwards, the president asked her daughter in Bisaya, ‘mu uban ka (are you going with me?)?’. She smiled again. But didn’t show any sign or say anything to respond.

From their gestures and the way they interact, you can say that they are really an extraordinary family.

The president must be very proud of her daughter.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: April 10, 2017:

We just saw the first part of President Duterte’s speech and found out that the president was looking for her daughter when he called her attention during the introduction. The president asked the crowd, is my daughter here? And then he went on, ‘I’ll be most surprised if she’s here.’

After around 10 minutes, Inday Sarah came. 🙂


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