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In last week’s episode of Bitag, Ben Tulfo expressed disappointment and anger towards Senator Antonio Trillanes on his demeanor and sly tactics to discourage PNP Chief General Bato on following orders from President Duterte on the war on drugs during the Senate hearing last week.

Tulfo said he is like the demon who tempted people into doing something evil. Like in the Christian Bible in the book of Matthews: the devil tempting Jesus Christ to worship him instead of God so the son of God can own all the kingdoms of the world.

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  1. Alam niya rin kasi na hindi habang panahon siyang senator…! Pero parang ogag talaga iyang si Trilpanes.

  2. Tama lng cnbi ni trillianes kc totoo walang mangyayari sa gngwang war of drugs natin oo nbwasan but dadami uli yan kc nga dyan kakapit ang tao like sa nangyari sa columbia dami lng namatay nadamay pa ang mga inoccent people ngayon ang sulotion death penalty yon lng.paraan ng hnd n.mkapasok ang drugs sa pinas at hnd nadin mkapasok mga maydala ng drugs dapat lng n mawala ang curruption n pinaguugatan ng lagayan para makapasok mga contra bando sa airport backdoor at mga daongan ng barko at ang costum dapat matitino at hnd masisilaw sa pera n under the table yon lng nmn magiging ok n uli ang pinas

  3. Washed out all the evil doings here in the Philippines no matter what even life would be at risk. Criminals are trigger happy? We need also trigger happy leaders if this will be needed, it should be done.

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