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atienza and duterte

Buhay Partylist Representative Lito Atienza questioned President Duterte’s ‘kid glove treatment’ made by the administration on the suspected big-time drug lords while those considered to be ‘small fries’ suffer extrajudicial killings.

Atienza said that he supports the mayor continued his war against illegal drugs but he could not help but notice the difference in approach of Duterte when a drug lord who is treated.

“We want all those engaged in the illicit drug trade, big and small, but especially the big ones, captured and locked up. But we can not tolerate summary executions, especially if all those targeted are mere street-level pushers, “Atienza said in a statement.

“We have to eradicate the big-time traffickers first, as well as their coddlers in law enforcement, if we are to effectively suppress the supply side of the drug problem. We’re afraid getting rid of easily replaceable smallest players in the supply chain will not make much of a dent, “he added.

Duterte said after naming five generals on the issue of drugs and humiliate their families is not made of his administration.

Duterte at the previous meeting of the Cebu-based suspected drug lord Peter Lim gave him the opportunity to clarify his name after a decline that he did Peter Lim written list of so-called triad leader.

“Help us clear you help us clear to you, we are not here to pin down the innocent,” said President Duterte.

The change has not yet come Atienza says. The poor suffer merely convicted of pain and death, while the big-time drug lords continue still enjoying the tasty life and are not punished.


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