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ninoy aquino and ferdinand marcos

I used to hate this man growing up because that’s what they taught us in school. Aquino = Good,…. Marcos = Bad. But then i realized not everything they teach you in school is true. History is written by the Victors. READ ALSO: From the Lips of a Dying President

When I was young I was a supporter of the Aquino due to the fact that most people considered them as heroes, and the media and elementary grade history-books (SIBIKA) considers President Marcos as the villain. Even 2-3 years ago I am a great supporter of PNoy but as his reign as the president I am unsatisfied with his governance.

Then, a classmate and a friend told me that President Marcos was the best president and I my reaction is like “WTF!? that guy is the villain for goodness sake!”.

Curiosity got the better of me and I research the history of President Marcos, there I understood that the people I looked up to in my childhood was false that is painted with baised opinion and the media, there my eyes opens as it showed me that the ‘villain’ painted during my 1st level of education is actually a HERO of this country.

I now know what President Marcos did, and it showed it was all for the best of my country and those who succeded him, especially the Aquino, are all frauds that should never have been given the position of the leader of this country!

Here are more facts..

Sana as kerning pagdedeklara nag Martial Law
ay agaran din na reinstate ang Writ ( with condition )
with exception as mga aktwal na nahuling mga rebelde
na in possession of firearms ( sa kanila lang di applicable ung writ sana ) sa mga rebelde na nang gugulo at pumapatay

( since ML was enacted for the purpose of their elimination )
Wala rin patunay na nagnakaw siya ng $36 billion

noong 1960 – 1980
Dahil walang ganong kalakeng pera ang Pilipinas
Nasa $3 – 5 billion lang ang pondo ng gobyerno kada taon
At bago mo makuha ung $36 billion
That means 90% ng pera ng bayan nanakawin mo taon taon
Which is so obvious to the point na
Di na aandar ung pamahalaan
( But thats not the case )
We saw many programs such as
– Masagana 99 Rice Self Sufficiency ( Nasira din by mid 1980s
– Metro Aide projects
– LRT First In South East Asia
– MIA was rennovated

( In 1981 MIA was among the modern in ASEAN )
– Hospitals
– 20,000 Classrooms in Schol projects in 2 years
– 1967 . Modernization of Air Force to Jet Age
– 1977. Modernization of newer Air Force Jets
– 1979. Development of Local missile programs
At Dahil Dito Kinatakutan Ang bansang Pilipinas sa Buong Rehiyon ng Kontinenteng Asya, Pero Ngayon, halos, Gawin Na lang Tayong Tuta, Walang Kapangyarihan sa Mga Sarili nating mga Lupain na Kina kamkam ng Mga dayunhan,. at ina angkin ang ilang Bahagi ng ating mga Karagatan.

Pinangarap pa nga daw ni Macoy na magka sariling
SPACE PROGAM ang Pilipinas before 2000!
Totoong baon sa utang ang Pilipinas noong 1980
Pero alam nyo ba…
Na mas baon ang South Korea kesa sa atin sa utang??
Sila napaandar nila ung inutang nila
> Naging mga LARGE BUSINESSES gaya ng
> Samsung , Kia, Hyundai, Hanjin, LG atbp
Ang Pilipinas wala. lahat ng mga pinundar na negosyo
gaya ng car manufacturing noon.
Bago pa man nag 1990s na bankrupt lahat
Remember 1983 – 1989?
How many Millions of Filipinos lost their jobs
to to political turmoil??
ang ganda ganda ng Economiya ng Pilipinas
nung 1973-1981. we were poised to be
at per capita $990 by 1987
Instead it was delayed by more than 20 years
1981 : $650
1982 : $705
1983 : $810
1984 : $705 ( Marcos was no longer in control )
1985 : $665
1986 : $555
1987 : $610 < ( was due to rising prices ) ( So why blame 1983 - 1986 economic downfall on Marcos? ) Why not blame it on violent events that took place? ( That made BILLIONS OF US$ fly away from our Economy ) in just months left thousands unemployed and left millions more to be forced to go Abroad! Anlaking kawalan non Mala Malaysia na sana na Economy by 1989 Instead na naibalik natin ung Economic status natin with Malaysia and Thailand by 1990s Wala. naunahan pa tayo ng Thailand at Indonesia! ( Is Marcos to Blame?? ) In 1981 our GDP was larger than Thailand and Malaysia and our per capita was $705 ( half of South Korea ) Now our per capita is not even 1/8 of South Korea. (Source: google, wikipedia)?follow up- may mga video at mga whistle blower na lumabas panahon pa ni C.Aquino pero itinago ito ng media. Research din kayo hndi lahat galing lang sa google at wikipedia. Hndi tatagal lalabas din ang totoo. Courtesy of Joaquin Inaki Moto. ALSO READ: The True Kingmaker of the Philippines


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