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In the recent months when a reputable news sites like ABS-CBN and GMA (despite being accused as bias) posted a controversial news about President Duterte, usually what appears on top the comment section is from a Duterte supporter that elicits responses and likes.

However, recently I’ve been seeing Anti-Dutertes giving criticisms even to the point of bashing President Duterte and his administration.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

A true Facebook account usually have info in ‘About’section and most of them are old accounts. Usually created from 2009 to 2011. But here we can only see a single photo with no recent posts regardless whether or not she configured her ‘privacy’ settings. She would have at least more than one information on her profile. Emy Ngaloy also have 11 friends. See this fake account profile here.

What more intriguing is that the ‘LIKES’ that the comment received looks to be also fake. Take a look at the snap below:

See post here and investigate.

If you try to click on those who have LIKED, you can see all of these accounts are dummies.

Let’s see other posts from GMA here.


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