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Duterte have been getting the consideration of the International stage since he ventured into office.

Taking after the expanding loss of lives on his continuous war against illegal drugs and criminality, numerous human rights advocates from the United Nations, United States and European Union got out the President on charged extrajudicial killings which have been occurring.

But Duterte remained determined by these issues and seek after with his self-deadline guaranteed of annihilating the nation’s issues connected to illegal drugs.

He demonstrated different nations his harder position in being responsible to the Filipinos to anybody and have made cruel declarations against them.

In the midst of everything, an American netizen made rounds online as he complimented President Rodrigo Duterte. Seen to wear a hotshot with Duterte’s name, surprised the web and was praised by numerous Duterte supporters. It was netizen Ian Lapayo who published the photo. He likewise shared their short discussion in the subtitle which goes:

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