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In an article published by ABS-CBN in its news website on November 2, 2016 at 09:51 AM, the giant media network wrongly translated the word President Duterte said in his recent press conference upon his arrival from Japan.

This is what Duterte said in response to US stoppage in selling rifles to the Philippines amid the alleged human rights violations against the President:

“Yan lang pantakot niya sa akin. Hindi sya magpabili ng armas? eh karaming de bomba dito.”

And this is what ABS-CBN wrote in its article as English translation:

“eh karaming de bomba dito (we have a lot of bomb makers here).”

What President Duterte meant of ‘de bomba’ is ‘air gun.’ De bomba in Bisaya is Air Gun in English. Air gun is a gun used to hunt birds. Air gun use pellets and not bullets.

The article was updated and corrected at 3:35 PM on the same date.

You can see the note of apology from the screenshot image below that reads: “(Editor’s note: Our initial story carried an erroneous translation of this phrase – ‘eh karaming de bomba dito’ (We have a lot of bomb makers here). Our apologies.)”



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  1. ABS CBN , when will you plan to send your men/women for seminars to comprehend well/ better? Please, learn our common dialect first before learning other language. Your liable for any miss info and you’re creating chaos. Be responsible or better shut up!

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