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ABS-CBN Journalist GRETCHEN MALALAD Aims to Destroy Duterte’s War on Drugs

{DISCLAIMER: The following post is written by a netizen named Dinan Nakila in his Facebook post.

Desperate Maneuvers of Dying Media Empires: A Postmortem Perspective.

We, the Filipino people, who dreamed of change to happen in our country, are mad at the media nowadays. While we continue to rejoice at the landslide victory of Duterte despite the lack of financial and political machinery and the obvious absence of media coverage, the losing Yellow republic backed by the oligarchs unceasingly fray at the new administration in the hope of unseating the new tough-talking president, who vowed to put an end to corruption and drug problems.

And its weapons- the media, which for the longest time has exchanged benefits with the oligarchs. It is this media empire that had shaped the mindset of most Filipino people to kiss the feet Santa Corazon Aquino and pay tribute to the “hero” Benigno Aquino. It is this media empire that wanted to influence on how the history of our country be written.

No. Not anymore. With the advent of social media networks (facebook, twitter, blogging sites, etc) slowly the individual Filipinos have started to gain readership and viewership. Slowly the media empires have started to lose grip of its slaved and unsuspecting audience. Slowly the media empires have lost their monopoly of information.

Duterte has remarkably won his presidential stint through social media. The majority of his campaign was carried on by his supporters though out the world on facebook. Plans, news, campaign, propaganda, name it- they were all on facebook. (Mark Zuckerberg we owe you big time).

The major media players in the country (ABS-CBN, GMA, PTV5) and the leading newspapers obviously refused to cover and report the most attended Duterte meting de avance. They, instead, supported Mar Roxas and Grace Po, who were lap dogs of the oligarchs. For the most time they tried to manipulate the information trying to make it appear that Roxas campaign was most attended; but the individual Duterte supporters individually reported otherwise. On that fateful May 9, 2016 day, more than 16 million voters, who spent their own money went out to support Duterte.

It was a true tale of the victory of David, the ordinary Filipino people using social media as their sling shots, over the giant Goliath, the Philippine media giants (ABS-CBN, GMA, Rappler, Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN international, etc.).

Now, the media is in panic after losing control over information. Everytime they twist information in their reports, the masa produces proofs and points out their mistakes and bash their erring reporters.

Every blunder and misstatements they make, the Duterte social media warriors spread them fast like wild fire and everyone is rightly informed. The giant media’s frustration over losing control of information has gone to an absurd length.

For instance, the ABS-CBN online reports would surreptitiously phrase its headline in a catchy manner, most oftentimes quoting Duterte out of context to demonize the president, to condition the mindset of unsuspecting audience, who don’t read the entire article, on how bad the new leader is.

The giant media’s next desperate move is to provide information to the international media (CNN, TIME magazine, etc). It’s just too bad that these respectable media has succumbed to this ill tactics. They desperately want the leaders of the whole world to look down on the Philippine’s new administration’s campaign on the country’s deep-rooted drug problems.

They capitalize on Duterte’s unrelenting and tough statements against criminals, his penchant to curse, and his controversial “I will kill you” statements. The disgruntled yellow party and its minions rejoice as they see international media write up Duterte on the alleged issue of human rights violations.



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