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Things got crazy here in my place lately. I would have wanted to post it here yesterday but I thought it would be more relevant to write about my new job rather than some uninteresting news. Regrettably, I’ve been hearing stories here and there, in and out of my apartment. I’ve been hearing not just tales that are easy to ignore, but what have actually happened here in my area for the past few days.

There was this dog, a native dog, that kept lying outside my screen door for some time. There were times that I would shoo away this dog because of the bad smell that stink and my aversion to fleas. The strange thing was that everytime I tried to shoo it away, it wouldn’t show any fear at all, not even if I would throw a stone at it; it would only move a bit and stare at me like a human being, and then decided to go away from me. I didn’t know that the dog was insane.

This dog had been lying on the pavement just outside my screen door for some time. This was the same dog that killed two chickens and attacked two children, one middle-age woman, and a goat in the neighborhood. It makes me think why the dog didn’t attack me when I tried to show some provocation. Perhaps because I am impervious to dogs barks and dogs signs of danger. I am a lover of dogs and dogs come to like me when I pass by them; some would wag their tails, aware of my presence, others would bark and for a while would silence when I come near them, sniffing my feet, even stray dogs or dogs that I have not acquainted with, even this white dog that the neighbors come to call it insane.

Two days ago when this mad dog began attacking people in the neighborhood, the idlers went mad too. Of course, they wanted to kill the dog since it had already attacked one middle-age woman, two children, two chickens, and one goat; all in one single day. Darn. How can I ignore this? This is the same damn dog that for quite a time I’ve been giving bones and food leftovers. Should I be blamed for the incident? I don’t think so. The owner could have caged or chained the dog, or perhaps called the dog pound and reported about their very unpredictable dog roaming around the village.

Apparently the owner has just spent about 30,000 Pesos for the injections that the victims needed. I plan to drop by their house to ask them a few questions about what happened, and what could have drove the dog wild. A kind of thing reporters do when they want to bring the news out in the media. Well, isn’t blogging the new media these days?

And so I was desperate to have them for interview. But I think twice and decide not to; it might worsen the owner’s guilt of having to be the menace around the neighborhood, and the grief of having to pay 30,00 pesos, a family who is probably earning low income. I decide not to go at their house for questions because they might spark any trouble around the neighborhood. Apparently the middle-age woman is a sibling of the person who owns the dog, who lives just a few meters away from their house. Strange? Well, coincidence perhaps.

The dog has been killed by the idlers and is now buried. Some said the dog shouldn’t have been killed because no one would know if that dog had released some bacteria and enzymes; dogs that bitten anyone should be observed ten to fourteen days to know if the bite was rabid. If it was, then the dog could die, then it is very dangerous for the ones who had been bitten; if the dog lives, then they are safe. But how can you not do something about it that is a threat to people’s lives. The dog had reportedly attacked two children through the neck, crashing their faces, now critical in the hospital.

Others said that the dog had been somewhat possessed by the devil or an evil spirit. Ongo, as they would say. Some people had seen the dog’s eyes would turn red if it came to attack the cats around the area. Scary, isn’t it? If those were just tales then what of it? It doesn’t matter because it had already gone wild and attacked people it came to see around it. And the idlers had also killed this mad dog.

Now, who do you think is crazier? The dog or the idlers? Poverty perhaps is the craziest thing in the world.

The mad dog’s owner’s house, several meters away from my apartment
No, this isn’t the mad dog. A puppy being chained at one of the neighbors.


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  1. >Mao nang ako, natrauma na dyud ko ug iro. Tsk. More than 5 bites and I don't want any additional drop of rabies in my system anymore.

  2. I Love-Hate America by Bing

    >Kahadlok ana uy…mao ng gusto lang jud ko moduul ug iro nga high-breed kanang class…..nga kabalo ko nga gi-alagaan maayo ug na may rabies shots na.

  3. >@Bofill. Mao bah pre. Napaakan na dai ka? Aku wala p jud. There was this Doberman that ran into me when I pass by the street some years ago in Davao but didn't bite me at all. Maybe because I didn't run and didn't show any fear. The Doberman just licked my face. hehehe.

    @Bingkee: Lagi Bingks hadluk kau to dre bah. Wala pako balita what happened to the children; I think they're okay now…Yes bitaw stray dogs in our country kai gna pasagdan nah if they grow old, not like dogs in the States.;-)

  4. Rock Music Fans

    >take care..

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