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It’s 7 in the morning here in Davao and things are pretty quiet.  I hear cockcrows, dogs barking, and the sound of an early morning rituals inside their homes:  the sound of a frying pan cooking, running faucet and some little whispering voices like they are refusing to be heard.

I feel dismal today.  An important and inescapable event is slipping away from my hands like a bird.  It’s the Sinulog Festival I’m talking about, which is on the 17th.  The number one festival in the Philippines, I’m going to miss.

Bright-colored costumes parading and dancing to the unstoppable beat of tom toms while immeasurable spectators watched at bleachers and pavements so excitedly and ecstatically that some short people at the pavements jump or stand on the chairs just to witness the sensational wave dances.  The city streets crowded with sea of people, jumping, shouting, dancing, making their own version of celebration.  The over-crowding people is so great that if you toss a needle in the air it wouldn’t land on the ground.  Some put tables and chairs at the pavements with ropes, drinking alcohol as much as they can, singing, clapping and cheering.

Image from Sinulog on Facebook

Others put stages wherever they can just to let rock bands perform or mobile disco play for people to dance and celebrate.  Hundreds of gorgeous women with removable Henya tattoos walking with nothing on but brassieres and skimpy shorts that show off little parts of their butts.  These women walk the streets as if there are no men around. They walk confidently, proud with their modern, fashionable skimpy clothes like they are competing with one another;  like there is some kind of a lingerie fashion show on the city streets.  They don’t mind at all even if you cavort with their private parts; they just give you their flirting smiles.  When the sun hides from the horizon, fireworks display begin to ablaze magically anywhere from top of buildings.  All of these are slipping away from my hands.

Why? Because I’ve made myself a decision.  I’m not going to Cebu, at least not yet.  I’ve decided to settle my responsibilities and obligations first before leaving my hometown.  It was a difficult decision.  But I’ve managed it. As what I’ve said from the previous post, “Good things happen to those who are strong in their decisions.”

Second reason is money. I have sufficient amount but I have obligations.  I have to pay my debts.  Don’t you think it’s shameful to leave your debts behind while you are enjoying ecstatically in another place?  Well, at least I’m settled;  I’m cleared now with my debts.

It’s not that bad after all.  I am still going to Cebu, but not yet.  That for sure will be after the Sinulog Festival.  Good timing, eh?  By that time I will have settled my obligations.  I will have put things organized and prepared.  I will go to Cebu with no hassles, with fresh mind and conscience.

After all, as what I’ve said from my last post, “Everyday in Cebu is an amusement.”  Anyway I had experienced 2 Sinulogs.  That was on January 2008 and 2009.  Not bad.  Probably next year again, but not now.  This is already beyond my control.

When I get there, I know it will be a great experience again.  I can’t wait for my feet to touch the Cebu asphalt.  I can imagine how it feels like when I arrive there.  As soon as I get out the Mactan terminal I will breathe the poison air. I will kiss the Cebu earth.  Before flagging a taxi I’ll pause for a while to look at the very familiar sight of Water Front Hotel.  I will lit a cigarette, inhale, and exhale at the top my lungs, “I’m Back!”


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A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.


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  1. >I'd never been to a Sinulog….I'm not fond of festivals like that.
    I wish you a happy trip in your Cebu trip….and hope you do enjoy .

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