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I haven’t heard this song in years. Maybe once or twice in a year. Maybe I would only hear it when a radio plays it, and I never listen to radio anymore. Maybe from a neighbor’s stereo or from a taxi’s. But never had been there in my mind that the song would play like a last song syndrome.

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Last night I woke up from a strange dream, which I couldn’t remember the whole scene. But I knew God was there. When I wanted to go back to sleep, the song Footprints in the Sand kept playing in my mind. I didn’t know why the song was there on my head, singing the chorus, with the same exact notes, on and on like a broken record. I can’t recall any moment that I listen to the song before last night, or even before that.

I wanted to ignore it but I just can’t. Why did it enter my mind? Where did it come from? It was like some Supernatural Being played that song near my ears, to force me to listen to it. I never knew the meaning of the song.

This morning I opened Google and looked for the meaning of the song, I found a beautiful, well explained meaning of the song, from Denise, A musician, artist, author, and Yahoo contributor. After reading her perception, I was totally moved. I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t think of anything until I recall all those negative emotions I’ve been through these past few months.

I cried. Although I knew it was embarrassing to admit that I did. It was not a cry of sadness or a cry of pain. It was a cry of joy. Tears of joy from realizing that God has always been there for me, times when I almost lost my faith.

I knew life is difficult. But when you learn to accept that life is difficult, it is not that difficult after all. Life’s trials are bearable. If had not been for God I might end up like those you see in jail or, we wouldn’t know, in a coffin.

God answered my prayer. Had it not been for that prayer, I wouldn’t have heard Footprints in the Sand last night. If I had ignored something inside me, a conscience, a voice, I would have suffered bad consequences. Had I ignored my dream last night, I would still feel weak today.

God has always been there, carrying us when we fall and difficult for us to get up and walk again.

Thank you God I heard your voice.

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