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Today is the second day of 2010. Holidays Season is over. No more wines, ham, and Queso de Bola at our tables. No more children singing Christmas carols outside our gates.

Although it’s Saturday here in the Philippines, it’s a day of going back to reality. This is the day of planning how we want our 2010 to become, how we can implement  our new year’s resolutions. It’s time for new beginning, new chapter of our lives. A day of musing about how to earn for the next coming days, weeks, and for the next 12 months. Today is a new journey.

Today makes me excited and nervous at the same time. Excited and nervous about my decision to go back to Cebu. Excited because of the sensation of having to experience once again the great things that I had there; the lovely views, the picturesque sights, the distinct food, the down-to-earth people, the dialect, and most of all the charm of the city itself like everyday is an amusement.

Nervous because of the pits and falls of the corporate world I have to engage in, the ups and downs I have to deal with. Despite the fact that I can work at any location in the world through freelancing articles on the Net, the pressure would always be there. There are things that I have to deal with like the monthly rent and the Internet service provider. Although there are countless Wi-fi hot spots in Cebu, I would still have to look for a decent apartment where I can have my permanent Internet connection. I work eight to ten hours a day. Wi-fi hot spots can’t accommodate that because laptop batteries only work for three to four hours.

I feel a little confused too. Confused about whether or not I will continue my journey. If I go, I have to deal with all the inevitable pressures and struggles of independence, the need to survive, the need to strive more for career excellence. If I go I won’t have time to spend with my friends and  loved ones. If I stay I can have these things. I will always have the time to relax and open the fridge to get something whatever I want to cook or eat.

My decision to go back to Cebu was firm. Now it somehow put me in a state of ambivalence whether to materialize this decision or not. This is perhaps because of the long time I’ve spent here. I arrived on October 11 last year and the two and half months of being here somewhat lost my appetite for adventure. I should have arrived a little more late to not lose my enthusiasm of going back.

Nevertheless, I still have time to contemplate. Even though I am still preoccupied looking for ways how to make money on the Net, I will have time to think about this difficult decision. After all, the Sinulog Festival is on the 3rd Sunday of the month. There’s still time to book for plane tickets if I’ve already made up my mind.

October 11, 2009 at Cebu Pacific Airline

If I’ve made that decision, I will stick to it and stand for it. I know great things happen to those who are strong in their decisions.

Whatever happens or whichever that decision will be, I can still enjoy a lot of things. There are great things in Davao and there are great things in  Cebu. There are pure, clean potable water, fresh Tuna Kinilaw, Durian and Bulcachong in Davao. There are Danggit, Shiomai, Inasal and Puso in Cebu. There is Viva Pit Senyor and there is Indak Indak sa Kadalanan. Both ways are great. Two great cities with a lot of things to offer. I just have to choose between the two.

Happy 2010 and have a great journey to one and all!


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.


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  1. >I'd still go for Davao than Cebu , not because I'm a Davao native. It is because Davao people are more fascinating whereas Cebuanos are more exclusive.

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