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I’ve read an article about simian crease hands. It is also called Simian Line or Single Transverse Palmar Crease. You may have one on either or both of your palms. It has been described as a fusion of the normally two palm lines.

This phenomenon has produced several theories, explanations, analysis and observations from the medical world voodoo circles. But I must say you are not alone in thinking why this happens. My brother has this on both of his palms.

Ryan Simian Crease hands

So in retrospect, I have the normal palm crease.

Nonoy's palm

Some of you may find this weird or puzzling. Some find it unusual hand feature or an anomaly. Medical research described it as an occurrence significant or may be associated with Down, Aarskog, Cohen, Fetal Alcohol and some other diseases and psychological issues. Though this has not been proven as a fact, there is a low percentage of simian crease people on the population.

Hand analysts may call this as gift markings. Just as any other palm lines or stars as they call it, our palm markings are considered to have their own gifts or talents that are not used to its fully extent.

Among the popular people that have simian crease hand/hands are Robert De Niro (left hand), Tony Blair (both hands), Hillary Clinton (left hand), Armin van Buuren (left hand), Thom Yorke (right hand), Rain Wilson (both hands), and Muhammad Ali (right hand).

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Anyway, me? I don’t have them. Not surprising because I’m not that special. Hehe.

Whether or not this is a fact, it’s pretty interesting to learn more about what lies more beyond their hands.

I’ve heard that Albert Einstein too had extraordinary lines on his palms called Sydney crease, so close and similar to simiam crease. You can read more about Albert Einstein’s hands here or here.

What about you? Do you have simian crease palms too?


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