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I came upon a news website written in Cebuano called Superbalita Cebu. It was the first time I read news in Cebuano language, and reading straight Filipino dialect on the Net feels like home. Well, close to home even though Davao is my hometown. I still consider Cebu as my home too, my 2nd home. 🙂

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This is the local page news on both online and hard newspaper Sun Star Cebu. Sun Star Cebu Network Online is a network of Philippine newspapers on the World Wide Web.

Superbalita Cebu is one section of Sun Star Cebu where Cebuanos, mostly those who don’t have the privilege to understand English news, can read it in direct Cebuano language for quick-and-easy reading. Most specially made also for those who prefer to read the Cebu news in Cebuano or Visayan dialect.

This online newspaper delivers straight reportage from politics, business, opinion, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. So, major newspapers in the country–besides Sun Star—like Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer that have Cebu stories are sourced in Superbalita Cebu.

The site even has a special section which encourages users to send their unique stories and photos about the goings-on in Cebu. This section is specially built for ordinary citizens to express their sentiments through images that the government should take notice. All they need to do is send their original photos to the site along with other log-in details.

The photos sent by users are reviewed. The site does not wholly tolerate the abuse of the free reporting. The most excellent photo or text report will be published in SunStar community newspapers on the Net.

A virtual newspaper is also provided through a website called pressdiplay.com. Though you can only be able to view the virtual newspaper by registering on this site, and this requires you to pay $0.99 per issue.

Once you’re subscribed you can then view and read the news just like when you’re reading a hard newspaper copy. On screen you can navigate through a table of contents or jump to a certain page or section of a newspaper.

So, all the news here are raw and fresh—with responsible journalism. News about Cebu you read or hear from PDI (Philippine Daily Inquirer), GMA, ABS-CBN, or even international news like BBC and CNN are sourced in Superbalita Cebu. Although, of course, the most controversial and important news about Cebu that people should know about are the only ones that gain publicity in major press and media companies, local and international.

What better news about Cebu than that?


About the author: Nonoy


A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



    • Oh yah. But Cebuano is not difficult to learn. I also want to learn the Bahasa Language. Just reminds me of the Indonesian sites we’ve been optimizing from an outsourcing company I’m currently working for. 🙂

  1. Good for you Noy to find an online newspaper of your own language. You inspired me to find an online newspaper of my own language too. 🙂

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