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The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s news website published a a news article about Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte with the title: LOOK: Sara Duterte records first solo album. And then when Sara Duterte herself saw it, she posted in her Instagram/Facebook account:

It’s a joke. It was a Bilibid prisoner recording joke. Please do not take me seriously. Pastilan. Haaaayysst.

After this was shared by netizens in Facebook, Inquirer puts a question mark at the news title to make it sound like a question, and not a statement.

Image from Facebook

Image from Facebook

Here is Sara Duterte original post:

Sara Duterte’s post in Facebook was supposed to be a sarcastic joke, a satirical statement. Probably meant to send a message to President Duterte’s detractors in his recent war against drug syndicates.

The joke was in bisaya, Cebuano, so Inquirer did not quite get the joke, because, well, the company is from Manila, and people in Manila speak Tagalog. Cebuano or Mindanao culture is totally different from the Manila culture.

Nevertheless, the broadsheet newspaper company should have confirmed first before publishing the story. They could have contacted Mayor Sara for its confirmation.


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