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Newspapers To Read When In Cebu

Although the business of newspaper publishing is not as lucrative as before, newspapers are never out of fashion even in today’s digital age. Cebuanos in older age group still prefer to read newspaper the old fashion way- in print. However, the younger generation prefers reading news online. Newspaper companies have adjusted and built websites containing the same content in print, only lesser photos. In Cebu, there are 4 newspapers that survived the test of economy hardship and digital millennia. These newspapers are credible, honest and have solid integrity for delivering the right information.

Super Balita Cebu

This is the only Cebu newspaper published in Cebuano language. SuperBalita Cebu is a section of Sun Star Cebu, and the newspaper giant has broken the major language barrier by delivering a newspaper- both online and in hard print- in their native language. Cebuanos who are not tuned in the language English can now enjoy news articles and top stories in Economics, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, and etc. in their native Cebuano language. Stories from major newspapers like Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin are sourced in this newspaper. Responsible and straight up journalism is present in SuperBalita Cebu, only in Cebuano.

Cebu Daily News

Known as the only independent newspaper in Cebu City, this newspaper lives by the vision of “Journalism that builds communities.” Cebu Daily News is one of the most widely read and preferred paper in the region, with readers ranging from Class A, B and upper C level of clientele. It does not come as a surprise why Cebuanos trust and adore Cebu Daily News because for 15 years in service, the paper has amassed close to 20 local and international journalism awards. At present, Cebu Daily News continues to strive in maintaining its reputation as the leading and most respected community newspaper in the city.

The Freeman

A daily Cebu newspaper in tabloid format, The Freeman is a subsidiary of a newspaper giant Philippine Star. Headed by Dodong Gulas, the newspaper strives to deliver the freshest slice of creditworthy journalism to the people of Cebu. The Freeman continues to succeed in their endeavors as the “fair and the fearless” company ever since it was founded in May 1919. The Freeman is the oldest Cebu newspaper in the industry, and it still stands mighty and proud despite the test of time and presence of newer, younger newspapers. Everybody just cannot help but admire the longevity of this paper.

Sun Star Cebu

Sun Star Cebu is a tabloid newspaper that caters to daily circulations. The flagship paper of the newspaper conglomerate Sun Star, this newspaper had risen to the ranks in the 90s when it became apparent to Cebuanos that Sun Star means serious business. The newspaper covers stories in all sectors with raging integrity and enthusiasm for vigilant journalism.

The newspaper industry is a very competitive market. One blunder and it might cause the trust established between the reader and the paper to fizzle permanently. However, these 4 newspapers remained consistent in their mission, vision, and goals; thus, winning the hearts and friendship of Cebuanos.


Top Newspapers in Metro Davao

The newspaper business remains fairly lucrative in Metro Davao. Composed of Davao, Panabo, Digos, Samal, and Tagum, these cities have managed to keep abreast of the new trends in the media industry. Newspapers have become modern, and have put up a website for their own namesake for the young professionals to get the freshest information.

For these information pillars, sections are also being added, such as Information Technology, Science, Community Lifestyle, Suburban Development, and etc. The newspaper industry 20 years ago is different from today’s new media journalism. Although sensitive, fair and responsible journalism is highly maintained, newspapers have evolved to suit the present needs of the residents in Metro Davao. Out of the 24 daily newspapers circulated all over Metro Davao, the most widely-read are the following:

Mindanao Times

A broadsheet newspaper that has spanned more than 40 years of credible journalism, Mindanao Times has withstood the roughest of times and has remained very much active in the newspaper industry today. The paper takes its pride as the oldest newspaper in Metro Davao, Mindanao Times has allowed its readers access to their digital issues since 2011 for free. Because of the paper’s length in service, it has gained the highest and utmost respect from Metro Davao readers and even from their competitors. In order to sustain the new trends in media, Mindanao Times has broadened its presence to social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Sun Star Davao

Sun Star Davao is consistent in winning awards from national media bodies. A part of the legendary Sun Star group of newspapers, this newspaper has also a version in the native language Cebuano, called SuperBalita Davao. Residents in Metro Davao get to enjoy reading leading stories and fresh articles written in their native language. The newspaper is thriving well and has continued to receive positive and excellent feedback from its readers. A newspaper with a mighty and credible reputation like Sun Star Davao is sure to preserve its authority in the coming years ahead.

Edge Davao

Notable for being innovative, Edge Davao has sectors in their paper that other newspapers do not have, such as Motoring, Photo Features, Competitive Edge, Agri Trends, and Property Trends. Edge Newspaper also leads in the lifestyle and entertainment division, having championed to be one of the key media participants in major events. The paper’s cutting edge attitude towards periodical publication and journalism has set Edge Davao apart from the rest of the newspapers in Metro Davao. The market of Edge Davao is geared towards the young professionals, and they nailed it with their upbeat persona online and in print. True enough, Edge Davao has lived up to its name, having that certain ‘edge’ that induce readers to ask for more from this paper.

Newspapers are not a thing of the past. For Metro Davao residents, the importance of newspapers in their lives has intensified. The digital age has cut down the print circulation of newspapers, only to pave the way for newspapers to be available online. The shift of production has resulted to attracting the domain of the younger age group. They, too, have recognized that newspapers like Mindanao Times, Sun Star Davao, and Edge Davao are an integral part of the community and its residents.


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