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I wasn’t that big of a crowd as I have expected. Not like the one I’d gone two years ago. Maybe the parking area in Parkmall, Mandaue, was too big compared to the Agro Football Field in Davao.

This was the crowd last night at Agro taken from TF5’s Facebook page:

This one was in Cebu in 2011:

Video I’ve taken in 2011 in Cebu:

If you want to watch how it went in Cebu two years ago, click here.

Nevertheless, it was too much fun.

It was Wolfgang playing when we arrived. I was really amazed by the band, still on their fire despite their age and the long gone heydays. What amazed me more was Basti’s voice. I can’t believe he has still that passion after more than two decades in the rock scene.

And the new drummer, as I’ve been told, played so incredibly that it reminded me of John Bonham’s licks in Moby Dick. Kudos to Wolfgang for a great performance.

Then came Gloc 9 after a long intermission, the sixth band added to the original Tanduay First Five. Gloc 9 was the featured band. A show that could have been called the Tanduay First Six.

They played their hits including Martilyo. But what the crowd made so much alive was Kaleidoscope, a touching tribute to Francis M.

Then Parokya ni Edgar came after a long intermission again. There were just too much intermissions as if they’re killing the time. The intermissions were videos of the bands playing over the wide screen showing their past performances and interviews. Well, that was better than nothing for the crowd to wait for the next band, without something on there playing.

When Parokya played the crowd went nuts. Chito really knows how to engage the crowd. He sounded like Jay Contreras, really, when he humored something there just before playing a song. Saying message to touch the hearts of the crowd, reminding the boys in the crowd to take care of the girls who are pressed among the congested mass of people near the stage. The audience cheered and went crazy again when the drums and guitars struck the moonless night.

We didn’t finish the show because oh yah, they ran out of Tanduay drinks. Those they served were just not enough for the audience to drove into a wilder musical frenzy. Well, at least for me and my company the drinks weren’t enough.

Maybe it was intended not to make the audience too drunk. It could lead to something that the security and police wouldn’t like.

I enjoyed the show. Too bad I didn’t bring my Sony Cybershot. She was gone, gone in the hands of a stranger. It was a surprise invitation so I wasn’t able to find a way to get a cam. Next time for sure. I won’t miss the captures and recordings.

We proceeded to Matina Town Square, Taboan, for Razorback, and again it was not enough for us to continue the excitement (Bitin). Because the waiters/waitresses in Barbecue Boss ran out of beer cups. They didn’t allow customers bringing bottles on their tables, probably afraid of being broken if customers got too much to drink. But what are they being afraid of? We got no choice but to stand near the bar to watch Razorback. There were no tables available. All were vacated. So I humored the waitress to spill the beer into my mouth just as so she wont have to worry about the bottle. But well, some things happen. It’s Davao. What can you expect?

I will discuss the further details on my next post.

I still enjoyed the night, really, despite the very strict alcohol ban. Maybe Davao isn’t the right place for rockers. yay! 🙂

I would like to thank Norman Prantilla and his wife Malot for the complimentary pass as well for the drinks! Thank you bey and Joan! 🙂

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