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80’s rock aficionados or simply new wavers, take this quiz to get a chance to win a cash prize of $25 via PayPal. On this quiz you will be asked to name each new wave song and its artist. A media player with a new wave song is given on each page for you to play. Name the title of this song and the name of the band it performs from the multiple choices provided. If you are a certified new waver, then you should know each and every song given. And if you’re the first one who can get a perfect score, then you’re a new wave freak. That means you win $25 to be sent through your PayPal account.

There is no time limit for this quiz. However, if you answer too slow by taking a search on Google, Youtube or any other MP3 file sharing sites, you will have little chance to win. The quickest to name all the songs correctly wins.

The system is auto generated and I will know whose name appears for which score and time. So there will be no retake because one IP address for one taker is recorded in the system. If you change different IP addresses or computers, it will still be recorded. So don’t cheat. Just play fair. Those who retake the quiz will be disqualified. Ayt?

If you’re not a new waver and have no idea what new wave is, you can still take the quiz, of course, but you can’t win the prize unless you get the perfect score. This quiz can just add some tunes to your music vocabulary. It doesn’t matter if you get the wrong answers, because you will discover on this quiz what the popular new wave songs are in the 80’s and how they sound like.

Please enter your real name before taking the quiz so I will know who the real winner is. You can leave some comments below about this quiz contest or just anything you want to say. The winner, ONE deserving winner, will be announced on my next post.

Begin by entering your full name below and click “start.” Good Luck and enjoy! 🙂

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A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. good afternoon.. visiting your wonderful site.. im happy to be here..

  2. I took the quiz but i only got 18; oh so bad. I love new wave rock!

  3. Thenewwaveman

    Hey Sir. I got a perfect score. Please give me the prize.

  4. Maria Shelly

    ang hirap naman sagutin ng mga songs na yan… pwede ba ung r&b n lang?

  5. Merun na bang nanalo dito sir/..?

  6. New Waver of Marikina

    very good idea.. bat ngayon ko lang to nabasa…sayang…hindi ako nakahabol..

  7. Sayang di ako nakahabol sa quiz.

    Btw, nice photo you’ve got there, hehe.

  8. Sayang, di ako nakahabol sa quiz.

    Btw, nice collage you’ve hot there.

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