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Time for fun quiz again. This time I give you a quiz on music. So if you think you’re one of those who always spend their time listening to music everyday, and one who have hundreds, if not thousands of songs on their iPods or MP3 players, then this quiz is for you. But if you think you’re not one of those music addicts, this quiz is also for you because it’s educational. As usual, right answers will be revealed if you click the wrong answer. This is a multiple choice quiz, so it’s not that difficult to take.

All you got to do is name the song or artist given on each page. You just have to click on the media players to listen to the song. If you know what song it is or what artist it is, then simply click the answer from the choices. These songs are not focused on one type of music; these are different songs from different artists in different genres. If you find a song which is not your cup of tea, that’s okay, since most of these songs are popular; so it is unlikely that you don’t know some of the popular songs. How’s that for fun? Besides it’s educational and free, it’s entertaining. Listen to each media player as long as you want. You can play it back over and over again, and answer the question to know how much you know about the artists of today and yesterday. There is no time limit.

Click here to begin. 🙂


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A former musician who branched out his interest in creative writing and the World Wide Web.

He writes fiction on his spare time.



  1. This is fun! I had fun! 😀

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