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New wave music is a term that started in late 70’s up to mid 80’s. The music, style, and fashion started initially as punk rock and later evolve into becoming new wave after the post-punk era, when punk rock music began to fade away as a fad.

NU Rock the album new wave compilation form Nu 107 and WEa records

Musicians, including rock fans, in many different countries in the world have been greatly influenced by new wave music and style. One of these countries is the Philippines. That’s why in the early 80’s new wave bands started to emerge in the Pinoy rock music scene.

Most people don’t know about these bands. For new wavers in the Philippines, most probably they know the Pinoy new wave bands that existed in the 80’s and early 90’s. Here’s what I’ve compiled (not in any order) all the new wave bands I had listened over my adolescence and teenage years. I grew up with all these bands. Most of them are my favorite. Here’s the list I’ve made not in any order:

  • The Dawn
  • Violent Playground
  • Happy Shrimps
  • The Thought
  • Colloidal Mixtures
  • The Case of the Missing Bottles
  • Killing Screams
  • Right Directions
  • 40 the band
  • Hayp
  • KhumbMela Band
  • Ethnic Faces
  • Eraserheads
  • River Maya
  • Orange and Lemons
  • Sugar Hiccup
  • Advent Call
  • Frontier
  • Ethnic Faces
  • Dean December
  • Identity Crisis
  • Animo
  • The Sequel
  • Introvoys
  • Under Blue skies
  • Top Noise and the Addicts
  • The Happiest
  • Pseudocrack
  • Pagan Away
  • Emotional Elevators

Did I miss something? If you think I miss some bands that should be on the list, feel free to share them at the comment section below.



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  1. Do you remember that song by Pagan Away?

  2. Sir where do you think I can get the original Copy of NU Rock? Thank you

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