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Blitzkrieg is a rock band based in Davao. The band was formed in 1993. It became popular to the Davao cult followers of grunge music in the 90’s. Blitzkrieg played mostly grunge songs, without to include Metallica songs which were also part of their repertoire when they play on stage.

Among other pioneers in the 90’s were Deus Ex Machina, Eclectic Evolution, Sisterheads, Overture, Diodidiforo, Crux Criticorum, SoundTank, and punk rock group Dredd and Minor Entry.

Last night was a blast when Blitzkrieg reunited for the first time in 23 years. Of course, many of those who came were in their 40’s. A few maybe were in their 30’s.

It wasn’t much how the band performed well on stage along with G String (with Pete and Thurix on guitars) and Lego Machine. The great thing about last night was the meeting of people who knew each other for a long time. Who met each other after long years of absence. Blitzkrieg reunion last night was like an alumni homecoming.

The music scene in Davao is not like the music scene in Cebu and Manila. While Cebu and Manila has their own distinct music community, the rock bands in Davao mostly play cover songs. That’s what makes the Davao scene original. It loved its own cover songs without having to create their own songs. ALSO READ: Manila Punk Scene Back With Vengeance

More than that, there is no show business in Davao. Independent record company is very rare. The local radios are not mostly into rock. In short, the support is too little. The finance in music industry is scarce. That is why most bands in Davao don’t have their own managers. READ ALSO: The happiest band in Davao Philippines

Aside from the fact that Davao is a young city compared to Manila and Cebu, it doesn’t have its distinct culture. The culture in Davao city is diverse. It doesn’t have its own primordial dialect. It doesn’t have its own historical features unlike Manila and Cebu. But we have Duterte as we have our own durian candies in our rehearsals.

Davao too has a big percentage of middle class compared to other big cities in the country. Middle class who have that excitement to form a band. Despite of its geographical aspect and its census, rock bands in Davao don’t have that drive in creating their own songs. They are content in just playing their favorite songs, as well as the crowd who follows them. They don’t have to. That’s Manila’s job. If bands have that dream to make it to the major label they need to relocate to Manila. That’s why we have Freestyle, South Border, and MYMP. Although they are pop, there were rock bands that made it to the mainstream like Eevee and Eric Gancio of Yano, considering Gancio was already in Manila when he started. The local Popong Landero is also known in other parts of the country.

Davao music has its own little world it enjoys, cherishes, and is proud every bit of it. Every gig is something special.

Despite the desire of Davao for cover songs, there is a band courageously wrote its own songs. The band is a collaboration of different bands in the 90’s during the grunge days. Members of Blitzkrieg, Sisterheads, and Tough Noise combined to form a little tribe who call themselves Thirteenth Floor Elevators ( yes there was a psychedelic American band with the same name).

As Davao music journalist George Marcel puts it:

The band wanted to bury Manila because of bands like Parokya Ni Edgar and April Boys, who keep making music that sounds like DOREMI, but still go platinum. Now, they realized that the crowd of Davao is even worse. They hated Manila as a base. They do not think Cebu is the place either. Does Malaysia accept immigrants nowadays? Noise, Junax and Ryan contributed enough to the local music scene and it is Davao City’s turn to prove to them that it is worth staying in this huge place. Look for their Bloodstream of the Planet EP and be a Martian. The Sisterheads and Blitzkrieg started it all. Five-Cent Mary and Alcohol Point Joanes seasoned it. Now, 13th Floor Elevators are not afraid to face even the so called monsters of rock and roll. source via elevators.50web.com

Last night Thirteenth Floor Elevators members Noise, Ryan (Tough Noise later The Happiest) and Junax (Blitkrieg later Sisterheads) met again for the first time in 17 years. Some members of other bands, friends, band groupies were also reunited. RELATED POST: List of Pinoy new wave bands

As much as the crowd was content on bands playing covers, it loved it. All they wanted to do was listen to live music of their former icons who rule the rock scene in Davao in the 90’s. It was the same scene more than 20 years ago. It was like a déjà vu.

Blitzkrieg played the once-popular Metallica’s Sad But True, Holier Than Thou, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Rape Me, Heart Shaped Box, and among other rock songs popular in the early 90’s.

Although only measly around a hundred people were at Pete’s Point last night since it’s a small venue, they were the same people we saw in big concerts like Non Compos Mentis 1, 2 and 3. The same people we saw in big venues like Y Gym and Almendras Gym. Venues that can accommodate around 10,000 people.

The crowd was ecstatic especially when Blitkrieg played the anthemic Enter Sandman and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Singer Garee Fuentes, guitarist Junax Ipanag, drummer Anthony Espanola, and bassist Tomas Demegillo rocked the house as it was 23 years ago. Only that the people weren’t that big and they were not as frenzy as they were in 1994. Teenagers in the 90’s of course are now grownups, parents who have to be good role models of their children.

But the spirit was there and still is very well present in the heart of Dabawenyo rockers. Memories that are more valuable than what money can buy.

Isn’t what music is all about?


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{Honesto Avellanosa III is also the singer of the band Thirteenth Floor Elevators and The Happiest. He used to sing in the band Sisterheads and Tough Noise}

{Reference: elevators.com}


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