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A friend of mine brought me to this place. It wasn’t the usual bars I see in Davao where customers look at you when you enter the door. Here people were too busy minding their own business, talking, while spilling beer into their mouths.

cafe 80's pasig City manila

cafe 80's bar at pasig city

We immediately went upstairs where there were no people, except for few waitresses and waiters. It was a weekday, so, there weren’t much people spending their drunken hours at the bar.

cafe 80's bar at pasig city

The place was dimmer than I expected. Pasted on walls were posters and memorabilia of popular musicians in the 80’s like Depeche Mode and Robert Smith. On top of one wall were vinyl records probably also from artists of the 80’s.

As the name implies, the place could have brought you to the era, but it wasn’t exactly like that. The bar could have looked like the bars in the 80’s. Or the waiter and waitresses could have dressed like the fashion in the 80’s.

But it’s just that. You create a name Cafe 80’s, put tables and chairs, design it, supply beers and 80’s music and that’s it. You got a bar different from all the other bars in Pasig City.

This isn’t the one you see rock bands play live on stage. It was just songs like they were being played from a radio. You could request some songs, but unlikely they will be played. DJ’s want to play songs on their own as if they have their own play list.

I expected some New Wave songs. But instead they mostly played Pinoy OPM in the 80’s like songs of Hotdogs and Boyfriends. Well I like Hotdogs and Boyfriends. It’s just that, if they play Pinoy music in the 80’s, I expected songs from Ethnic faces or The Dawn or Deans December. Well, It’s the Cafe 80’s. Expect songs, all songs in the 80’s, includes Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Madonna and Phil Collins.

We ordered a bucket of San Mig light with Jalapeño Sticks and Sisig. The Jalapeño was the bomb. Perfect hotness with ice cold beer. After an hour or two we ordered another bucket. We even requested one waitress so sit down with us while we have the waiter take pictures of us.

cafe 80's bar at pasig city

The Jalapeño Sticks were good. I liked them. Not because I love hot chillis but because they were tasty and spicy. Sisig wasn’t that good. I don’t know. It just didn’t entertain my taste buds.

Customer service is alright. Otherwise we won’t be able to invite the waitress to sit with us for the picture taking. They were responsive. A thing I liked about the people in Manila: responsive, friendly, very concerned with each other. Qualities I seldom see in Davao. Dabawenyos are quite indifferent, snub and dominant.

Overall I can say the bar is cool to hang out for the mid 30’s and 40 something. This is not modern ambiance where you hear noisy crowds. It is a place fit for those who want to bring back old memories. Isn’t music the best way to reminisce?

Nevermind the people who don’t look at you as if you don’t exist. Manilenyos are just like that. But they do care. They’re friendly and approachable. After all, isn’t the music and the beer you are after? Not the people.

Just mind your own business. You will be fine. Just enjoy the music and the beer and the food, and of course, enjoy the presence of your company. 😉

Cafe 80’s is located at Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot, J. Vargas Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, 1604, Metro Manila, Philippines.


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