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It’s a beautiful Sunday again here in Cebu; more beautiful to me since I had a great night last night.

I had the luxury to get invited by my girlfriend to see Brownman Revival in Mepz 2, Lapu-Lapu City. Wow. It was awesome. It was the first act I would get to see since Sinulog 2008.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, we didn’t have the chance to see Brownman Revival. We learned then that it was a two-night show. Brownman Revival played Friday night, and we didn’t know that they won’t be able to play last night.

It was a great show though. Several Cebu ska and reggae bands performed fabulously. We had a couple of beer, and it was an SMB show so of course the beer enhanced our entertainment.

What more amazing is the crowd. Cebuanos are really fascinating to watch at concerts. They really dance and jump and sing. They also perform. I thought how I wish I could sing on this kind of crowd with my band. It would really be a satisfying experience for me as a musician.

I’ve taken a video last night but only clips. I still use my old Nokia cellphone for taking pictures and videos and unluckily it ran out of power so I hadn’t taken better angles; haven’t got myself a digi cam yet to share to you so you can also see clearly what my eyes have seen. Just try to watch it and settle; perhaps you’ll be entertained even for a bit, ( “pwede nang pag tiyaga-an” in Tagalog.) Cheers!


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  1. >it was unfortunate for u to miss brown but i am sure u still have a great time wth yr gf. happy $$$unday for u.

  2. >Thanks Waliz. It would have been a greater night if Brownman Revival were there. Take care.;-)

  3. I Love-Hate America by Bing

    >Thanks for sharing the video….I love listening to reggae too pero panahon-panahon lang….not all the time. It is great for listening when it's summer and on the beach.

  4. >@Bing: Your welcome Bingks. dili lng klaro ang video kai lobat ang cp. hehe. Thanks for your comment.;-)

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