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People in social media are now talking about this new UNCUT teaser video of the movie Ex with Benefits. About 10 minutes ago this video in YouTube gained 95,000+ views. As of writing, it has 109,877.

Ex with benefits Uncut screenshot image

This is not the previous movie trailer of the movie posted by ABS-CBN a week ago, which has already gained 1 and a half Million views. This video was just posted yesterday.

The movie is about a woman named Arkisha (played by Coleen Garcia) who will take risks just to win her ex-boyfriend (played by Derek Ramsay) back. And in the process of this love, or call it sex, affair, both have what they call, benefits.

Whoever got the idea of the title must be a marketing genius. Whether the producer, the writer or the director Gino Santos thought that idea, it is perfect for marketing.

And this teaser video itself is one hell of a marketing strategy.

You hear words like that ‘friends with benefits,’ ‘Ex with benefits,’ who wouldn’t want to be intrigued.

Well it’s because it’s a sex movie, even though casts don’t want to admit it. Titles like ‘Silip, ‘Boso,’ ‘Babae sa Bintana’ and the modern ‘Ex with Benefits,’ surely activates your sexual interest.

This should be a blockbuster. This should make big money. Think about the fresh graduates, the twenty somethings up to well, even 60’s. Every man and woman would want to watch this, regardless of Pirate Bay, Torrentz or Pirated DVDs.

This upcoming movie was a cause of concern by Filipino med reps and doctors, wherein Derek Ramsay here is a doctor and Coleen as medical representative.

But Derek and Coleen said they are not generalizing the profession of doctors and medical representatives in this movie.

I predict that this YouTube video by Star Cinema will reach over 1 Million views today.

This movie will roll in theaters on September 2, 2015.


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