Honest driver, returns P22,000 left by a passenger

Social media today praised a tricycle driver after returning his passenger money to his passenger in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte.

Many are surprised by Dennis Alipio, 35-years-old, after posting the good work on Facebook.

Alipio’s story, Wagner Valdez left his wallet on the tricycle on Friday.

The wallet has a SIM card holder and P22,000.

Alipio immediately called the number placed on the sim card holder.

After meeting Valdez, they met where he returned the wallet.

Valdez is thankful that money is available for his family’s expenses and passport processing.

With Valdez’s delight and gratitude, he posted it on social media to reap thousands of likes and shares.

Alipio admits he needs money, especially when his father suffered a heart stroke.

His wife also wants to apply abroad because she have recently resigned from his job as a merchandiser at a supermarket.

The tricycle was the only source of living in Alipio’s family today. These two children are in kindergarten and grade 5.

But it is still not a thought and reason to take and spend the money because getting money from others is wrong.

“Hopefully there will be more rewards for this blessing, if I get it from me and I did not work, the karma is bigger,” he said.

Alipio was honored by his associations of tricycle drivers and operators for being honest.

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