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Here’s a quiz exercise for Filipino Nursing graduates who will be taking the board exam. This is a good reviewer for the examinees. Although not all topics are going to be asked here, but only about drug and poison antidotes. So if you have a dream to become a registered nurse, you should know these things first. This is basic in Nursing. If you’re a nursing graduate you should know these stuffs, otherwise you are likely to become me who can only nurse a broken heart. 🙂

This is based on the knowledge of an RN who happens to be my friend, an NCLEX passer and who also has CGFNS certificate. But the quiz is based mainly on research. The idea of the quiz was gotten from him. Orayt? So begin by entering your name below and click “start.”

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  1. I love quizzes; Please post about IQ quizzes or nursing reviewer maybe…

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