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The Davao food has always been pleasurable to devour. Of the many years I lived in the city I never get bored eating the same food over and over again. This is because the Davao food are diverse. And you can’t get enough of them because each and every dish is always treated with complete and right ingredients. You will know how passionate the cook is when you get to taste the food of Davao.

The most popular food in Davao is the Tuna Kinilaw and Sinugbang Tuna Panga. Davao is abundant with different varieties of fresh fish. This is because it is not so difficult to transport the tunas from General Santos City to Davao. Other than that, Davao’s geographical location is just near the sea, the seashores and the sea beds are preserved and maintained. So if you want to have a taste of the sweet, fresh fish meat, you better go to Davao.

The typical Tuna Kinilaw in Davao is served with vinegar, salt, onions and ginger (one piece ofcalamansi, slices of cucumbers, radishes and chili peppers if you want).

Simple isn’t it? This easy preparation is purposed not to spoil the tuna meat. You can never enjoy the sweetness and freshness of tuna meat if you put too many ingredients. In Davao you don’t even prepare the Kinilaw when the diner is not yet ready to eat on the table. You won’t enjoy the tuna meat if it’s already soaked in vinegar.

The Tuna Panga is the most favorite of the tourists and travelers. Panga is the food the Manilenos always look first when they go to Davao. Panga is the jaw of the tuna fish. This is big in size, that is why Panga is always grilled or Sugba. The meat should be cooked just right enough for the top meat to turn red, or inevitably black. This is not to over done the meat; malasado (juicy), as we call it in Davao.

There are lots of different varieties of fresh fish and seafood that you can enjoy. There is Matangbaka,BangusMalasugi, TilapiaPasayan, Alimango, Guso, Lato, KatambakMoro-moroBodboron,BarilesonLapu-lapuMaya-maya, and many many more.

These are cooked in many different ways. Spices and vegetables are mixed in every recipe the traditional Davao way. For instance, in Cebu and other parts of the country there are spices and vegetables that are only mixed on a certain kind of fish or meat.

In Cebu, the Beef Pochero which they called Nilat-an is mixed with kalabasa (squash). In Batangas, thebayabas or green guavas are mixed in Sinigang na Baboy and Isda. In Davao, you never put kalabasain Beef pochero but instead patatas or potatoes. Even what we call Adobo in Davao is Humba in Cebu, and fried pork chop is what Cebuanos call Adobo.

Another Davao delicacy is the most favorite of the Davaoenos: the Bulcahong.


Bulcachong has only been invented and introduced in the recent years. Bulcachong is the meat of a bull or carabao. This is a semi-bulalo and semi balbacua. You can never get enough of this food once you taste it. Just don’t consume this too much if you are hypertensive and has high levels of cholesterol.
When it comes to fruits, of course, the Durian is the most preferred desert by Davaoenos. As what us Davaoenos always describe Durian: “smells like hell but tastes like heaven.”

Davao has lot to offer when it comes to good food. You can find the different recipes in different restaurants and carenderias. But if you want the original Davao food, you just have to go for the Tuna KinilawSinugbang Panga, and the Bulcachong. You can be sure that you’ll enjoy each and every taste and bite.

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